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Ultimate Internet Marketing checklist for yoga Studios

Hi I’m Lauren and I made the Ultimate Internet Marketing Checklist For Yoga Studios do help you sift though the many options for yoga studio marketing out there. From  yoga SEO, social media, and pay-per-click to webinars and blogs. It can be hard to know what to focus on so I made it easy for you.

Based on our years of experience of doing marketing for yoga studios, we have created a checklist with the elements that work BEST for yoga studios that wish to grow. 

This checklist will help you identify where to put your marketing efforts to get the greatest results. 

What our clients are saying

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Michaela Shanahan
Michaela Shanahan
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If you need a website built, look no further. I reached out to Lauren at Yoga Web Designs to help me build a web page...Working with Yoga Web Designs made the process easy. Lauren would take my half thought out ideas and put them to practice on a website that looked twice as good as I ever imagined. The initial draft of the site was ready a week after I first talked to Lauren! She walked me through it step by step and made any changes I wanted before publishing it. Once it was published, Lauren was responsive and helpful every time I wanted to add or change something. She made changes within 24 hours and they always looked great! Lauren was able to set up a donation page, embed YouTube videos onto the web page, match the color scheme I wanted, and create an extremely user friendly website. I received many compliments thought the campaign about the website. People of all ages found it visually appealing, informative, and easy to navigate.

As an added bonus, Lauren is also a talented writer and great with YouTube and other apps. Yoga Web Designs was a one stop shop for many of my website and internet needs. Much of the information I provided was taken and stated even better then the way I initially sent it. She even embedded links into the writing to provide more information!

Lastly, the price is unbeatable. Seriously, if you need a website built and are looking for a kind, hard working, professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and talented individual to work with, you have found it. I know you will enjoy working with Yoga Web Designs as much as I have.

become most visible and most known Yoga Studio in your city

yoga seo ranking on google yoga studio digital marketing

Our client, Ignite Yoga, ranks #1 in their area bringing them new students every month…

This is important because when you have a strong online presence, you become the go-to yoga studio in your area

When someone decides they want to try yoga…. you are the first place to check out. 

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Our Yoga Digital Marketing Process for Yoga Studios

1. Build a Beautiful Membership-Generating website

Your website is the centerpiece to your entire digital presence. Built well and used properly, your website will: 

At Yoga Web Design, we know what works. We work only with Yoga Studios – so we spend ALL our time creating beautiful websites that work for you!

We believe in the balance between beauty and function.

Your website will not only be fully customized to your yoga studio, but contain the latest strategies for yoga SEO, converting website visitors to visitors to your yoga studio, and integrations with Mind/Body and social media. 

As a client of Yoga Web Designs, your website will have:

  1. The capability to be you 24/7 membership generating machine
  2. Stunning design customized to YOUR vision
  3. High-quality images
  4. Conversion focused landing pages encouraging class signups
  5. Fast hosting and loading speed to ensure you don’t lose visitors to slow pages
  6. Customized content – Optimized to rank on Google
Schedule a free strategy session to learn how a beautiful website will help your Yoga Studio grow.

2. Optimize Local Yoga SEO to organically rank on Google

Did you know:

  • “92% of all searches are made on Google (3.5 billion per day!)
  • 46% of those searches have local search intent – the key word here being Local” –

This is a HUGE opportunity for your yoga studio. Showing up in one of these sections will set your yoga studio up to be right in front of people who are looking for somewhere to practice yoga.

For you, we optimize your website to show up for the most  important search terms for yoga studios in your area including:

  • Yoga Classes near me
  • Yoga studio near me
  • Yoga Classes
  • Yoga studio
  • *Your City* Yoga Classes
  • *Your City* Yoga Studio

How do we help Your yoga studio rank on Google?

yoga seo

3. Implement a system to consistently generate 5 star reviews

Did you know that 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses and that number is only growing. There is no better place than your website to showcase your 5-star reviews and build credibility with your prospective yoga students. 

All Yoga Web Design clients are are given tools to consistently generate and showcase 5-star reviews for their yoga studios. 

4. Run strategic Facebook Advertising Campaigns and retargeting in your yoga studio marketing plan

Facebook advertising has been proven to drive traffic to your website quickly. It is a myth that you need to wait for people to find to your new website. 

At Yoga Web Design, we have spent years running Yoga Studio Facebook Ads so we know what works.

For your yoga studio, we use Facebook Advertising Campaigns to: 

We work only with Yoga Studios so we know how to optimize your ads to make the most of your yoga studio marketing budget. 

Talk to Lauren today to find out how strategic Facebook Ads will grow your Yoga Studio. 

Yoga Studio Facebook ad with high conversion rate

5. build beautiful highly converting landing pages to get instant signups

One of the biggest reasons a yoga studio website does not get new student signups is they do not have the pages set up to convert.

Landing pages are web pages that are highly focused on getting the visitor to perform a specific action. For our clients this means doubling new student signups.

On average we convert 1 in 3 landing page visits to a conversion – That’s a 33% conversion rate.  

Why Your yoga Studio landing pages will be so successful:

Don’t worry about building the perfect landing pages, because we will do it for you! 

High conversion rate yoga studio landing page example

Why Yoga Web Design for Yoga studio marketing?

If you’re here, it’s most likely because you’re the owner or do the marketing for a yoga studio.

At the end of the day, you want more memberships so that you can grow your studio which allows you to: 

  • Help more people
  • Make more revenue 
  • Achieve whatever it is you want to in your life 

Here’s the truth, if you’ve been at it for a while, you’ve tried to do some things yourself. Perhaps you tried to do social media on your own. Maybe you’ve tried to do some email marketing like newsletters. Maybe you’ve make your own yoga studio marketing plan. Maybe that’s worked for you, maybe it hasn’t.

Whatever the case, I’m here to help you out.

I’ve also seen the yoga studios that have worked with SEO companies, social media companies, or Facebook Ad companies. These are the companies that I like to call jack-of-all-trades, yet master of none. 

Here’s why: What if one day you’re teaching a pilates class. The next day you’re giving a massage. The next day you’re teaching a yoga class. You’re probably not the master of any, right?

At the end of the day, when you hire a generalist marketing company, you can expect low to very average results at max. 

Here at our company, we specialize in Yoga Studio Marketing. We dedicate our time solely to help yoga studios get more memberships. That’s Right. It’s very possible and it’s possible for your studio. 

So, I’d like to invite you to chat and have a quick call with me. All it is is a no-obligation chat about:

  • Where you’re at
  • What you’re looking to accomplish 
  • You’ll come out with a strategy to get you there 

There is no obligation for you to hire me. I look forward to the opportunity to help you grow your studio.

My goal is to take over the technical and strategic parts of your yoga digital marketing so you can focus on what you do best….yoga.