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Yoga Web Design is the yoga studio PPC expert for your business. Well-executed PPC campaigns can boost your new student specials. We offer fully managed Google Ads campaigns that take your prospects from a new lead to a new student special.

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What is Yoga Studio PPC?

Yoga Studio PPC, or pay-per-click, is paid online advertising that is targeted at customers in a specified geographic area. Yoga Studio PPC advertising can be conducted on social media or through search engines. The method primarily entails the use of local keywords and geotargeting. You only pay for this sort of advertising when a user clicks on your ad. 

At Yoga Web Design, we use Google Ads to target people who are ready to walk in the door of your yoga studio. The keywords we focus on are “high intent” keywords, meaning the person who is searching that term on Google are ready to sign up. Here are some examples:

  • Yoga near me
  • Hot yoga near me (if applicable)
  • Yoga *your city*
  • Hot yoga *your city*
  • Yoga studio near me

Do Yoga Studio Ads work?

Yoga studio ads on a PPC platform work by charging you when someone clicks on one of your ads. Yoga studios benefit from this since it is simple to make adjustments and track results. Bidding against competitors, properly organizing your account, and utilizing tools are all strategies. 

Our goal is to get your cost per click (CPC) and cost per conversion as low as possible. We do this by continuously optimizing your campaign. A well-optimized Google Ads campaign can start to see significant results in 3 months. As part of the optimization process, we test over 50 combinations of headlines and text to different audiences to refine your Google Ads for the best possible results. 

The elements to optimize when running your PPC ad are:

  • Landing page copy, images, call to action, layout, etc.
  • Your new student intro offer
  • Ad headlines
  • Ad descriptions
  • Audience
  • Keywords
  • Negative keywords

What is an example of PPC?

Search engine advertising (commonly known as SEM) allows you to show ads to users depending on the keywords they type into the search box (for example, “yoga studio in Denver”). The major search engines, such as Google, use an auction-based PPC approach.

When your run a PPC ad on Google, it will look like this:

yoga studio ppc example

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