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Yoga Web Design works exclusively with yoga studios. This allows us to use specialized knowledge and techniques to bring you more students using yoga SEO and make the most of your marketing budget.

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What Is Yoga SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Yoga SEO is a marketing strategy for yoga studios that want to be found by people in their local area. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Basically, optimizing your website to show up on Google when people search for terms such as “yoga near me.”
The concept of yoga studio SEO is simple: add signals on your website that will tell Google what you do and why your website should be taken seriously. However, in practice, yoga search engine optimization can be daunting.
Ignite Yoga Studio in Centerville, Ohio gets over 350 clicks to their website and over 30,0000 impressions per month because they rank #1 for the most important keywords in their city: 
Ignite Yoga studio ranking first on google for yoga keywords

Yoga SEO comes in many forms: 

  • Adding yoga keywords to your content. Search engines need to know that you are a yoga studio, where you are located, and what services you offer. Finding the best keywords to convey these messages and incorporating them into your content is imperative.
  • Using meta tags on your website to highlight specific keywords for yoga studios. Most website builders will give you the option to add meta tags to your web pages.  These pieces of text won’t show up on your webpage but are be HUGE for your SEO and getting clicks on Google. 

Yoga title tags and yoga meta descriptions with yoga keywords example for yoga seo

  • Adding relevant images with alt tags. An alt tag is a piece of text attached to your image describing its purpose. Most website builders will give you the option to add alt tags to your images.
  • Building your backlinks. Creating links between pages in your website and getting other relevant websites to link to your yoga studio website sends signals to Google that your content is worth looking at.
  • And so much more!

What are the best yoga keywords?

Choose your keywords based on how many searches per/month they received and how relevant they are to your goals.

Some the best  yoga keywords a yoga studio can optimize for are:

  • Yoga classes near me
  • Yoga studio near me
  • Yoga near me
  • Yoga in *City*
  • *City* Yoga
  • Yoga Classes in *City* 
  • *City* Yoga Classes
  • *City* Yoga Studio
  • Yoga Studio in *City*
  • Hot Yoga
  • Outdoor Yoga

Why Yoga Studio SEO Is One The Most Powerful Yoga Marketing Strategies

1,610,000,000 local searches are made on Google every day. That is a lot! But which search results are actually being clicked on?

  • 30% of all 1.6 billion local searches go the top 3 locations in the “local pack” otherwise known as Google Maps.
  • The next 50% of clicks go to the top 3-4 organic results.
  • 14% of clicks go to the ads at the top of the page.
  • The remaining measly 6% go to everything else. 

These numbers proves that yoga studio SEO cannot be ignored. If your yoga studio is not ranking on Google maps or in the top 3-4 results, you are missing out on new students who are looking for yoga. You can start taking advantage of yoga SEO today by booking a free strategy session!

Yoga SEO organic searches and local pack

How You Can Benefit From Yoga Studio SEO

Your yoga studio could be found by people searching for yoga classes on Google. At Yoga Web Design, we have been practicing Yoga SEO for years. We work only on yoga marketing and nothing else so we know the best keywords strategies to get get your yoga studio ranking on Google. 

Schedule a free strategy session today to receive a personalized plan for your yoga studio SEO.