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Yoga Web Design provides Web Design for Yoga Studios. We have built our business around 2 main principles:

  •  Matching you personality and vision so you can control how customers and potential customers experience your online presence. 
  • Including all the necessary components for effective website design that will help get you more customers and keeping current customers engaged

We only work with yoga studios. Unlike other web design companies, we know the industry very well and can provide you with services specific to your needs as a studio owner.  

Disclaimer: there is A LOT of information on this page. We hope you find it informative and that is answers most of your questions, however, if you have any specific questions not addressed on our website, please book a strategy session.


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Key Benefits

Our Professional Design Makes You Look Good

You have put a TON of effort into providing a quality service for your clients and students. Now your website will look as good as it should to reflect all your hard work!

Any Device: Your Website Will Look Good

52% of all web traffic is on mobile devices. Your website will look good on all devices (phone, tablets, desktops) so you can reach all clients no matter where they are. 

Your Online Visibility Will Increase With Best Practice SEO

We keep up on the SEO world and are constantly keeping an eye on keywords and how to best use them. Over time your site will become more and more visible as people keep visiting. 

You Won't Have To Worry About Your Website Anymore

You can let go of all your website worries knowing we will take care of it for you. Have a new class coming up? We will put it up for you! Hosting a retreat? Just give us the details. Want something integrated into your site? We will find a solution and make sure your website serves you the best possible way it can. 

Features of Your Yoga Web Design

Design Features

Positive Visitor Experience

A visually appealing website and information that is laid out in an intuitive way will make it your visitors have positive experience on your site.

Device Responsive

Your website will look great on all devices. We have a feature that, if you want it, your phone number will be right in the header so new clients can call you with a touch of a button.

100% Custom Design

The website will be 100% built around your branding. We do not use themes are template that are restrictive and can limit images, text, button, events etc. Everything will be built according to your vision. 

SEO Website Features

Mind/Body Integration

Increase class and event signups by seamlessly integrating your website with your Mind/Body account. 

Natural Keyword Usage

Some sites have are chocked full of keywords. Not only does it not look good, it offers no real value to the visitors. This decreases site retention with, in turn, hurts SEO rates.

Your site will have keywords naturally integrated into useful information so your visitors will have the best possible experience and you will get better SEO ratings. 

Lightning Fast Website Speed

Site speed is another huge factor in SEO. Build with no templates or other components to slow down your site, it will be lightening fast and move you up the ranks. 

Website Security

Search engines take into account the security of a website in determining its rank.  All our websites come with a custom SSL encryption, smart IP blocking, malware protection and daily backups. Check out the “https://” and padlock next to the URL.

Proper Tag Usage

Meta tags are attached to your site and communicate directly with search engine about the content. Alt tags are on photos and describe the purpose of these photos. Used correctly Meta and Alt tags can instantly boost your rankings. 

Other Features

Class and Event Signs Ups

The ultimate goal of your website is to get you new students. Your website will include a section for new and current students to sign up for classes right on your page so you can collect their information and bring them in. 

Social Media Integration

We add your social icons right to your site. Over time, this will increase your followers and build trust among your website visitors. We can even add a livestream feature so you can do classes and meditations. 

Email Marketing And CRM Integration

Need your CRM or Email Marketing platform integrated into your website? We can do that. See popular integrations below.

Encourage Customer Reviews

Reviews from clients is among the best things for your business to grow. With a “leave a review section” it is easy for students and clients to write something on popular review sites.

Website Traffic Data

We integrate Google Analytics so you can truly understand who is visiting your site and make the most of that information. 

Friendly Customer Support

When you let Yoga Web Design serve you, you gain a new team member. Throughout or years of working with yoga studios, we have collected many marketing materials that we freely pass along.

When you thrive, we thrive so we want to help your business become the best version it possibly can be. 

Popular Integrations

Table of Contents

Customizable sites to Your Brand

The Process

  • Strategy Session

    We will schedule a strategy session together to go over your business, your goals, and assess where you are at. 

    From there, we will develop a digital marketing plan to help you achieve your goals based on your yoga studio. 

  • Get Started

    Once we have determined the best course of action for your business and decided that we are a good fit for each other, you will send you a order form for your marketing plan. 

    We will contact you within 1 business day to start the onboarding process and send you free materials immediately help your online marketing. 

  • Secure Domain Name

    If you already have a domain name, we will build your site on a temporary basis, leaving your current site live until the new one is ready to launch. 

    If you need a domain, we can help secure one. 

  • First Draft Of Website

    Within 2 weeks your first draft will be ready for your look over.

    During this time, you will receive a checklist of  materials to gather – links to online profiles, photos, etc. We set you on a coarse to successfully market your business online.

  • Revisions

    We will work together to refine the website until you are 100% satisfied. 

  • Launch

    When you are 100% satisfied there are 2 steps left:

    1. Set you up in the account management platform where you will pay a monthly fee. Here you can acces documents for your bookeeping. 

    2. Then we launch!

  • Ongoing Support

    Once the site is launch, we stay right by your side. We are here to help. Have new photos? Hosting an event? Need a new integration? We have got you taken care of. 

Ready to start?

If you’re ready for a powerful website and digital marketing plan, schedule a free strategy session today: 

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