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One important component to creating an online presence for your yoga business is making sure you collect reviews and use them throughout your channels (yoga website, social media, etc.)

It can help you for several reasons: 

Social Proof

Here is a bit of marketing psychology for you: people will follow the actions of the masses. This seems like a no-brainer, right? 


Think about it, you are on vacation looking for a restaurant for lunch. You see 2 restaurants next to each other. One is completely empty and the other is full and has customers waiting outside for a table.


Which one do you choose? If you are like most people, you choose the crowded restaurant. 


This is because of a concept called social proof. Since there are so many people at the crowded restaurant, it must be better, right?. 


So how can you use this concept to bring in new students or get people to sign up for your retreats or teacher trainings? Use testimonials!



There is nothing more motivating to continuing to grow your business than hearing about the people you have helped.


Most yoga teachers or studio owners started out because they wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and sometimes it is easy to forget that YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 


It can be hard to come up with content to post across various channels like your website, social media, etc. Having reviews and testimonials at the ready can make that process easier as they can make excellent posts.



If you feel uncomfortable asking for reviews or testimonials or just don’t know how to, click below to get an email template and testimonial video script guaranteed to get you some high quality reviews. 

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